Ferro Introduces New PV Pastes

14 September of 2010 by

Ferro Electronic Materials, a supplier of materials for fabricating photovoltaic silicon solarcells, has developed a new series of silver and silver/aluminum contactpastes. The PS 33-650 series provides contacts for new high-efficiencysilicon cell designs such as n-type, bi-facial and interdigitatedback-contact solar cells.

Ferro’s PS 33-650 series conductorpastes enhance electrical efficiency through their low contactresistance, optimum bulk resistance, and excellent line resolution andaspect ratio, according to the company. These materials are suitable for various cell designs based on n-type or p-type wafers, and haveexcellent solderability and adhesion when used with leaded or lead-freesolders.

The cadmium- and phthalate-free pastes areRoHS-compliant and are compatible with lead-free aluminum inks used foremitter formation in some n-type silicon configurations, the companyadds.

"It is challenging to produce low contact resistance to the passivated p-surface while maintaining low leakage current across thejunction," says Aziz Shaikh, Ferro’s director of photovoltaic researchand development. "These new p-surface contact materials provide lowcontact resistance to passivated boron-doped emitters while maintaininggood diode quality, resulting in up to 20 percent efficiency from n-type mono-wafers in laboratory tests."

SOURCE: Ferro Electronic Materials


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