Evolution Solar to install demo site

Evolution Solar Corp. announced that the company is currently reviewingpotential locations for a demonstration of cutting-edge thin film solarpanels.

The demonstration is intended to be co-located at aUniversity, with, or without, an existing solar energy department. Byco-locating at a University the Company will have access to the sitefor customer and industry demonstrations, while at the same timeproviding an opportunity for the solar engineers of tomorrow to haveaccess to cutting edge solar technologies.

Initial plans callfor three different demonstration scenarios. Two scenarios will coverground installations, one being a simple fixed installation, and theother having tracking capabilities along a single axis. The thirdscenario will demonstrate a typical slanted roof residentialinstallation. All three demonstration scenarios will be installed withindustry leading thin film solar panels.

“Universities areconstantly looking at ways to both conserve energy as well as findingnew and more environmentally friendly ways to produce it,” said Mr.Robert Hines, President of US Operations for Evolution Solar Corp.

“Thisis a terrific opportunity for us to partner with an educationalinstitution to mutually enhance knowledge of solar power, bothoperationally and academically.”

The demonstration installationwill help Evolution Solar to compete with larger industry players suchas First Solar Inc., GT Solar Int. and Trina Solar Ltd.


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