Evergreen Solar’s Fall $ESLR

12 July of 2010 by

stock market crash Evergreen Solars Fall $ESLR

Ten years ago, Evergreen Solar had a successful IPO.  Ventureinvestors like Nth Power did very well in that liquidity event.

The solar industry in 2000 was tiny compared to the current market,totaling somewhere in the 175 megawatt range, a figure that pales incomparison to the approximately 12 to 15 gigawatts that will ship in 2010.  At the time, Evergreen’s string ribbon technology seemed to offer aninnovative, lower-cost alternative to conventional crystalline silicongrowth with the potential to lower the amount of silicon per watt. 

But a decade of scaling-up and innovation across the solar value chainwould appear to have left the once-lauded Evergreen behind.

In2009, Evergreen started closing down domestic module production and auctioningoff equipment.  

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