Evergreen Solar made panels powering 8 MW solar power plant in Germany

Evergreen Solar Inc., a manufacturer of STRING RIBBON solar powerproducts with its proprietary silicon wafer manufacturing technology,announced that an 8-megawatt power plant in Neustrelitz, Germany usedmore than 7 megawatts of panels manufactured by Evergreen Solar. It isEvergreen Solar’s largest installation in company history.

Theproject, which was designed and installed by IBC SOLAR Invest incooperation with the city of Neustrelitz, uses approximately 34,000 IBCPolysol String Ribbon 200, 205 VG solar panels made by Evergreen Solar.It will provide enough electricity to power more than 2,600 homes in the area and will save more than 4,480 metric tons of carbon dioxideannually.

The installation is located on a former Soviet military training base. Prior to the installation, IBC SOLAR undertook amunitions recovery service to ensure the land – approximately 250,000square meters in size – is now completely safe and free of any hiddenmines.

“This is a milestone project for Evergreen Solar as wecontinue to expand our company’s global footprint with the largestinstallation in company history,” said Peter Rusch, Evergreen Solar’svice president of sales for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

“This project is especially significant as the land on which it is built hasbeen completely remediated by IBC SOLAR and is now safe for everydayuse. This is a significant environmental improvement for the area and is in line with Evergreen Solar’s mission to provide the mostenvironmentally friendly solar panels ever made. Today, Evergreen’sString Ribbon solar panels have the smallest carbon footprint andquickest energy payback of any silicon-based panel.”

"For IBCSOLAR quality has absolute priority. Our products are subject to severeinspections and quality controls at any stage of the production: at themanufacturer, at delivery and at our own test system,” said Mr NorbertHahn, board member of IBC SOLAR AG.

“With our internal flasherand in our climate chamber we test durability and performance ofmodules. In addition, all systems are certified by independent testinginstitutes such as TÜV, VDE and Fraunhofer ISE. The IBC Polysol Panelsmade by Evergreen Solar comply with our quality requirements."



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