Evergreen Solar Launches New Line of Solar Panels (ESLR)

logo Evergreen Solar Launches New Line of Solar Panels (ESLR)

Evergreen Solar just announced that it has launched a new line ofsolar panels aimed at customers who want to go off the grid. The  ES-CSeries consists of a line of 80, 120 and 125 MW solar panels aredesigned to provide a higher voltage to allow for direct 12, 24 or 48Vbattery charging. They are also built to last, even under very harshconditions.

In a press release, Dr. Terry Bailey, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales, commented on the new product line:

“The ES-C Series enables Evergreen Solar to capitalize on theexpanding off-grid solar market and further positions the company as aleader in the global solar industry. Like all Evergreen Solar productsthis product line has been designed with differentiating performancecharacteristics to distinguish them from commodity-like competitors andprovides better battery charging capability than other major brands. Atthe same time, we are proud to lead the industry in environmentalcredentials with the smallest carbon footprint and the quickest energypayback of any silicon-based panel available today.”

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Launches Solar Panel Line