Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Introduces New BOOST (TM) Technology $ESLR


EvergreenSolar just announced the release of a new product line featuring itsBOOST (TM) technology for improved efficiency. The new ES-D and ES-Eseries will feature this technology, which uses microwires instead ofbus-bars to create a more attractive panel that produces moreelectricity.

In a press release, Scott Gish, Evergreen Solar’s Vice President, Sales andMarketing, commented on the news:

“ The new ES-D and ES-E series solar panels with our innovative BOOST Cell Technology are a major advance for Evergreen Solar. These panelsare the highest efficiency product we have ever made which enables us to deliver our customers even more electricity while continuing to haveless impact on the environment. And the ability to offer product options tailored specifically for either the residential or commercial end-user – whether their priority is aesthetics or performance — allows us tomeet our customers specific needs much better."

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Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Introduces New BOOST (TM) Technology To Improve Efficiency



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