EVENT: Energy Effiency – Why is the Low Hanging Fruit so High?

 EVENT: Energy Effiency – Why is the Low Hanging Fruit so High?

Everyone who has ever read a book on renewable energy knows that thebest investment, and what should be done first is energy efficiency.Business owners know it, property owners knows it, and the stategovernments know it. Massachusetts is putting more then $600 million into energy efficiency in the shortterms, that more then 3 TIMES the amount that will go into renewable energy incentives.

If everyone knows efficiency is the biggest bang for you buck, but if this is true then why is it not happening?

This is a question that I kept asking myself but couldn’t find ananswer. So, I decided to gather a group of the smartest experts inBoston working on the issue to have them to tell me, and you too ofcourse, the event will be public and it will take place on July 22nd at6pm in downtown Boston at the NEXUS Green Building Resource Center.

If you’ll be in Boston on July 22nd register for Energy Efficiency – Why isthe Low Hanging Fruit so High?

We have some amazing speakers that are going to be talking about what they’re working on and how we can increase the adoption of efficiency,here they are:

Alex Patriquin –Founder, CEO at Wattzy

Martin Flusberg -Founder, CEO at Powerhouse Dynamics

Lilah Glick –Director, Community Outreach at Cambridge Energy Alliance

Brenden Endicott – Senior Manager, Energy Markets at EnerNOC

Geoff Chapin –Founder, CEO at Next Step Living

I can’t wait to see you there. Don’t worry if you can’t make it,we’re going to record the event and publish it. Here is the video fromour first event Clean EnergyAdoption in New England.