Even North Korea is Investing in Renewables

 Even North Korea is Investing in Renewables

Every nation on earth is exploring green energy alternatives even pariah states like North Korea and Iran. To prove the point, even North Koreaand Iran, members of what President Bush called the Axis of Evil areDeveloping Renewable Energy.

North Korea wants to increase their production of renewable energy. China has agreed to collaborate with North Korea in the sector of renewable energy.North Korean officials recently visited China to learn from China’sexperience in the geothermal sector.

Although they steadilyincreased in the 90s, North Korea’s combustible renewables and wastesectors have become stagnant. The country is rich in hydro powerresources which constitutes approximately half of the total generationcapacity.

An increase in renewable energy would decrease North Korea’s dependence on oil imports from Russia, China and Iran.

Opec member Iran plans to develop new renewable energy power plants over the next fiveyears to produce 2,000 megawatts (MW) of capacity. Iran’s deputyminister for electricity, Abbas Aliabadi said Iran already has 8500 MWhydro power plants in operation and has installed 130 MW of windturbines.

"The government of Iran has paved the way for privatesector participation in developing renewable energy systems," he said.The private sector has already signed contracts to install wind turbines as well as biomass systems with capacity of 600 MW and the ministry ofenergy is implementing 500 MW wind converters in the country.

"Iran, though an oil exporting country, is determined to be an importantpartner in global efforts of human societies to achieve sustainableenergy systems," he told a preparatory meeting of the InternationalRenewable Energy Agency (IRENA) where even Israel was participating.

If even rogue nations are integrating renewable energy projects into their national energy policies, it is harder to justify Canada’s increasedexploitation of the tar sands.

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