European Parliament Reps Exchange Viewpoints

European%20delegation%2010 09 European Parliament Reps Exchange Viewpoints
AppliedMaterials CEO Mike Splinter greets The Hon. Dr. Werner Langen, chairmanof the German Christian Democratic Union and Christian Socialist UnionGroup of the European Parliament. The Hon. Markus Feber (right),co-chairman of the CDU/CSU Group, and The Hon. Klaus-Heiner Lehne(center), member of Germany’s Committee on Economic and MonetaryAffairs, joined the delegation.

It’s been busy at Applied Materials from a Government Affairs perspective. Not only did we host a delegation from the Italian government, we also hosted a delegation of six members of the European Parliament.

The delegation was led by The Hon Dr. Werner Langen and consistedprimarily of members of the German CDU/CSU party. They were interestedin learning more about Applied Materials, particularly about technologydevelopments in our Energy and Environmental Solutions division. Theyalso wanted to better understand what makes Silicon Valley so conduciveto research and development (R&D).

Our CEO Mike Splinter officially welcomed the delegation and severalApplied executives were on hand to meet with them including, FranzJanker, EVP Corporate Account Management, Manfred Kersbaum SVP, Chiefof Staff, Om Nalamasu Deputy Corporate CTO, Jonathan Pickering, VP ofSolar Marketing and Gary Fazzino, VP of Government Affairs.

There was an active discussion around Applied’s strategy forreducing costs, increasing efficiency and enabling scale in solar, aswell as our progress in developing equipment for energy efficient glass(Low-e). The group also focused on the role of government policy. Whilewe acknowledged Germany’s leadership in implementing favorable solarpolicy, which has resulted in double digit growth for the solar marketover the last five years, we underscored the importance of continuedpolicy and incentive programs for sustainable market growth.

The meeting was productive and the delegation left with a betterunderstanding of Applied Materials and our role as a technology leader.