EPRI, SolarCity Installing Photovoltaic Research System

TheElectric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and SolarCity, a provider ofsolar financing, design, installation, monitoring and related services,plan to install a 187 kW solar photovoltaic research system atEPRI’s headquarters.
The rooftop system is expected to producemore than 7.3 million kWh over the next 30 years and offset about 11% of EPRI’s annual power usage at its four-building research campus. 
The PV array will facilitate EPRI’s research on a low-carbon generationportfolio in which renewable energy will play an increasing role in thefuture, according to EPRI and SolarCity. It is expected to providereal-time data on the electricity generated that will be used to measure the impact of variability on a distribution system.

Additionally, the system will supply power-quality data that could be used fordistribution circuit analysis and assessment of optimized performancelevels.
SOURCE: Electric Power Research Institute



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