Envision Mini Solar Trees Headed to Northern Cali

Envision Solar has completed the design, engineering and fabrication of the firstcommercial offering of its Socket™ design, a mini Solar Tree® canopy.The structure is being shipped to a site in northern California forinstallation in July.

The Socket™ is designed to provide shade for one vehicle, includesEnvision’s proprietary EnvisionTrak® tracking technology, and onevehicle charging hookup. The design generates enough clean solar energyeach day for approximately a full charge for an electric vehicle orplug-in hybrid. The first prototype Socket was announced anddemonstrated in San Diego at the California Center for SustainableEnergy, in October of 2010.

The Socket™ includes Envision’s patent pending multi-axisEnvisionTrak™ solar tracking system, which is designed to increaseenergy output by approximately 20% over a standard fixed PV array.

"With this development and our other offerings we believe we haveestablished new archetypes for the renewable energy and buildingindustries," said Envision Solar CEO Robert Noble.

Envision President Desmond Wheatley noted that the mini Solar Treewill allow car dealerships, public agencies, utility companies, shopping centers, individual homeowners and many others to generate clean energy virtually anywhere the sun shines and shade is needed.

"We see an enormous market for our new Socket: Utilities,corporations, military, municipalities, departments of transportation,cities, electric vehicle manufacturers and dealers, and manys," saidWheatley. "Its bite-sized scale opens up opportunities for clean energygeneration and EV charging in virtually every market."

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