Environmental Revolution: Leadership and Morale

Environmental+Leadership Environmental Revolution: Leadership and Morale

The green market affords opportunities to lead industry with unique, environmentally friendly options for products andservices. There is also considerable room for innovation that will drive the green economy forward.

Innovation is key to environmentalsolutions, but there cannot be innovation without inspired leadership.Considerable rewards await those companies that support such innovation. These rewards extend beyond high profile recognition and sales.Consumers develop deep connections with brands that are doing good forthe planet.

Consumers are not the only ones who have discoveredthe importance of managing climate change, employees are also analyzingthe environmental missions of the companies they work for. The US GreenBuilding Council (USGBC) reports that employees tend to have morededication when they know the company they work for is serious aboutaddressing the problems that plague the environment.

Environmental leadership offers the opportunity to gain recognition and strengthenconsumer loyalties, it also increases the morale of employees.