Enphase System Installers Survey

EnphaseInstaller_Survey_ChartEnphase recently tabulated the results of their first survey. Thissurvey went out to installers who have installed at least one Enphasesystem.

Newcomers and Veterans Agree on Enphase. Enphase has proven valuableto both solar first-timers and solar old-timers. According to thesurvey, our largest customer group did their first solar installation in 2009 and the second largest Enphase customer group has been doing solar installations for more than five years. Most see significant energy harvest gains (click on chart above). Ofthe installers tracking energy production, 90% observed an increase ofmore than 5% with Enphase, and 12% of installers noticed an increase ofmore than 20%.

There are many reasons to consider Enphase. 100% of installers saidenergy harvest played a role in their choice to use Enphase, butinstallers had a number of other reasons for choosing Enphase, with ease of design/installation and ease of monitoring ranking high on the list.

Check out the graph below to see how much of an energy increase these installers experienced with Enphase microinverters:



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