Enphase Microinverters at Intersolar Europe


With over 77,000 attendees from 156 countries and 2,280 exhibitorsthis year, Intersolar Europe (June 8-10 in Munich, Germany) is theworld’s largest gathering of the international solar industry. Havingjust opened our European offices last March, Enphase was on hand to display our next generation microinverters and take part with all of the other leading solar companies showcasing their latest solar technologies.

If you haven’t ever been, Intersolar Europe is quite a sight tobehold. Encompassing all aspects of solar, the exhibition spans 15 halls and an outdoor area that covers roughly 168,000 square feet of space.Whether you’re interested in photovoltaics, solar thermal, the smartgrid or solar power electronics, you’ll find numerous exhibits fromcompanies all over the world. Covering all this ground in three days is a bit of a challenge, but thankfully the availability of scooter rentalsand electronic walkways certainly helped.

The registration queue at Intersolar in Munich, Europe’s largest solar trade show.

Enphase’s Intersolar booth showcased our European product line andattracted interested customers from a number of countries, includingTurkey, Greece, Slovenia, Romania, the United Kingdom, France andBelgium, to name a few. There were even installers from Bulgaria whowere already raving about their experiences talking with our CustomerSupport department as they wait expectantly for Enphase microinvertersin their region.

Visitors were shown demonstrations of the full Enphase Microinverter System, many for the very first time. Enphase representatives answeredquestions about our European rollout and the many certification,distribution and compliance steps involved in deploying to new markets.It was especially rewarding to introduce so many new people to theconcept of a microinverter. We loved watching the understanding of itsbenefits hit them as they got a system overview at our demonstrationroof and Enlighten station.

The demonstration roof was a highlight for booth guests. Enphase CEO PaulNahi points out features on the roof to an interested visitor.

The conference dates also lined up with the timing of our M215 release, so it was an excellent chance to show how far ourmicroinverter solutions have come since we first released M175s in 2008. Though the new products are currently only available from NorthAmerican distributors, we look forward to bringing them to the Europeanmarkets in the months to come.

Enphase’s Magnus Abso being interviewed by a German radio show at the booth.

As always, this year’s Intersolar Europe was very informational, butalso a lot of fun. We met many great people and want to thank everyonewho came by the booth and spoke with us. It is an unparalleled solarexhibition, and Enphase looks forward to participating for many yearsinto the future.

To learn more about Intersolar Europe, visit: http://www.intersolar.de/en/.
To learn more about Enphase Europe, visit: http://enphase.com/eu/.

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