Emails about Copenhagen

The green blog does not believe on waste so here are some of theemails I received about reports and activities concerning the ClimateChange Summit in Copenhagen (before they magically disappear lol!).

  • The Global Climate Network released its report, "Low-Carbon Jobs in an Interconnected World",stating that low-carbon policies has the potential to create 20 millionjobs between now and 2020 in low-carbon energy in eight of the world’sleading economies including the United States, China, India, and theUnited Kingdom.
  • Enzyme producer Genencor and its parent company Danisco were at booth 62 at the Bright Green Expo in Forum Copenhagen on December 12-13 talking about their
     Emails about Copenhagen

    bio-based solutions. If you miss them there, you can always email them for further information.

  • Global Food Service Company Huhtamaki is serving 285,000 BioWare drinking cups made of the bioplastic Ingeo for the delegates at the Summit.
  • Severalnews from enzyme producer Novozymes at the Summit including adevelopment deal on advanced biofuel with Indian biofuel technologycompany Praj; participating in a "Hopenhagen" car parade using waste-based biofuel; showcasing to journalists their Volvo limousines that run on straw-based biofuel; and showcasing at the Sustainable fashion industry conference its textile technology that reduces emissions of fabrics.
  • Analysts from Datamonitor share their opinions in this 12 Days of Copenhagen newsletter. I think you have to hum it like this…On the first day of Copenhagen, EU Nations brought to me…
  • A studyby (S&T)² Consultants state that world biofuels production in 2009has reduced global greenhouse gas emissions by 123.5 million tonnesrepresenting an average reduction of 57% compared to the emissions thatwould have occurred from the production and use of equal quantities ofpetroleum fuels.
  • The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and EuropaBiois hosting on December 17 a technology showcase, panel session anddinner to discuss biotechnology as a tool that can help countries and adiverse number of industries reduce emissions of carbon and otherpollutants. Too bad I can’t go…
  • Honeywell’s UOP and Solazyme have partneredto demonstrate an advanced biofuel derived from algae at theCopenhagen’s Transportation showcase. An algae-fueled vehicle isshuttling journalists to and from summit events. Again, too bad I’m notthere : (