Electric Vehicle Charging Stations by Siemens


As part of Gridweek 2010, Siemens Energy, Inc. (NYSE: SI) announced the launch of its new line of electric vehicle (EV) charging station products.

Highlighting an easy-to-use, wall-mountable 7.2-kW single-outputstation that can be used for both residential and commercialapplications Siemens will offer three models.

In conjunction with Coulomb Technologies’ Chargepoint Network, the charging station’s features include 24/7 driver assistance, EV trip mapping and driver billing as well as offering charge station ow

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

nerswith remote on demand software applications.

According to the Siemens, the charging stations include Smart Grid integration. In addition, the company will provide integration into the utility grid, offering "advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), loadshifting through demand response (DR) programs, and the addition ofgeneration capacity to handle widespread EV adoption – giving consumers options while avoiding service disruptions."

"Most utility departments will be impacted in some way, and Siemensis particularly well positioned to help users, cities and utilitiesintegrate electric vehicles due to our extensive portfolio of products,services and solutions along the entire energy conversion chain." saidPaul A. Camuti, president of Smart Grid Applications, Siemens Energy,Inc.

Image Credit: felixkramer via Flickr

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