Electric Taxi Concept from Hazman Malik

green cab 1 pZUqJ 69 Electric Taxi Concept from Hazman Malik

The rise in pollution levels on highways has served as a catalyst in the development of clean electric vehicles. Taking advantage of thechanging trends, industrial designers have come up with concept vehicles that can be powered by renewable sources of energy, to even reducethese high levels of pollution. Designer Hazman Malik has shared with us his new concept vehicle that can be used as a zero emission taxi.

green cab 2 n1uZt 69 Electric Taxi Concept from Hazman Malik

Christened the Green Cab, the vehicle hasn’t been designed toprovide a luxurious ride, but meets the demands of a simple touristvehicle. The open-air concept and skylight roofing allow the passengersto enjoy open views while riding in a silent electric cab. The rearcompartment of the vehicle provides space for battery storage, whichpropels the vehicle.

green cab 3 hICl3 69 Electric Taxi Concept from Hazman Malik

The electric batteries onboard the vehicle can be recharged by anarray of solar panels and kinetic energy generators which harvest energy from the wheels. The designer hasn’t provided any technicalspecifications or performance numbers, but considering the lightweightdesign we expect to see some decent figures.

green cab_4
green cab_5
green cab_6

Thanks: [Hazman Malik]