Electric RAV4: Still Ugly $TM $TSLA

toyota rav4 demonstration electric vehicle_1

Toyota has unveiled its new RAV4 electric vehicle at the LA Auto Show. The demonstration vehicle isbased on the company’s combustion engine model with a few modificationsto the suspension and the steering. With some other cosmetic changesalso included, the vehicle is fitted with an electric powertrain andbatteries supplied by Tesla.

toyota rav4 demonstration electric vehicle_2

The company has also planned a fleet of 35 vehicles with a targetrange of 100 miles in actual road driving conditions. Currently, theRAV4 has a mid-30KWh range lithium metal oxide battery, which adds about 220 pounds of weight over the conventional V6 model. However, even with the added weight, Toyota believes that the demonstrator vehicle willaccelerate from zero to 60 almost as fast.

toyota rav4 demonstration electric vehicle_3

While there is no firm commitment on the production volume, priceand variants, the company hopes to have the EV to market in 2012. Teslawill be building the battery and related components for the vehicle butno decision has been made on where the final assembly will take place.

toyota rav4 demonstration electric vehicle_4

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Via: Gizmag



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