Election 2010 Midterm Predictions

Forecasts for the midterm elections vary but everyone seems to agree that there will be almost 100 close races.

The House of Representatives currently has 255 Democrats and 178Republicans, but it is not certain who will have control after November. Democrats now control the Senate 59-41, but there are 37 races atstake.

Election Projections is forecasting widespread Republican victories. According to theirassessments, Republicans will gain 7 seats in the Senate giving theDemocrats 50 seats and the Republicans 48 and they also expect to seeRepublicans gain 53 seats in the House which will give the Democrats 202 seats and the Republicans 232. They are further predicting that in thegubernatorial race, Republicans will gain 5 states giving the Democrats21 states and Republicans 29.

Stu Rothenberg thinks there are 100 potential battlegrounds, with 91 now held by the Democrats. CharlieCook, pegs the number at 97, with 90 held by Democrats.

JoeGaylord predicted that Republicans will pick up between 59 and 63 seats, far more than the 39 they need to gain control of the House.

A Washington Post poll of 96 competitive House districts (86 of which are held byDemocrats) show that in 53 of the most competitive districts now held by Democrats, Republicans are narrowly ahead. However, Democrats havegained some ground in those districts since a similar poll in June.

The 2010 Scorecard, NPR`s midterm predictions for the House of Representatives gives 216seats to Democrats and 197 to Republicans. In the Senate, they predict49 Democrats and 45 Republicans.

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