Efficient Buildings Making A Greener World

building sun cloud Efficient Buildings Making A Greener World

On Wednesday, President Obama reminded us that “in America, innovation isn’t just how we change our lives. It’s how we make a living.” Thisrings especially true at Applied Materials as our livelihoods depend on changing lives through technology in bigways. We were encouraged to hear President Obama’s plans for the BetterBuildings Initiative, focused on increasing high efficiency lighting,on-site renewable energy generation, insulation and coatings andadvanced HVAC control technologies. At Applied Materials, we’reproviding a map on how to get there and developing solutions in each ofthese categories. The President’s initiative aims to make commercialbuildings 20% more energy efficient over the next decade, a missionApplied Materials believes we can and should surpass.

At Applied Materials, we’re paving the way by developing and adopting the technologies we need to reach the President’s goal. We’re already usingenergy-efficient technologies at our facilities in Texas and California. In our research labs we’re developing LED lighting solutions. We’vetransformed our parking lots and rooftops to provide us with solar power to meet our energy needs and reduce ourcarbon footprint. We have helped develop tools for coating sheets ofglass, which help to keep the hot air out and the cool air in — thusreducing the need for costly air conditioning. And in our innovative semiconductor research labs, we are in a relentless pursuit to develop technology to makesemiconductor chips more efficient and inexpensive, paving the way formore advanced electronics for monitoring and improving the performanceof energy draining HVAC systems.

Combined, these measures reallywork. As a company, Applied Materials uses enough green energy in theU.S. to meet more than 15% of our electricity use, and in 2009 we won a Green Power Leadership Award for our contributions to helping advance development.

Commercial buildings are one of the largest energy consumers in the U.S.,accounting for 20% of all energy usage. But there’s no reason they haveto be. As a leader in energy efficiency, Applied Materials is workingaround the world developing and scaling innovative clean technologieslike LED lighting, glass coatings, batteries and solar power solutions. Applied is continuously adapting new inventions to make them practical and economical so that they can be widely adopted andcontribute to a cleaner and greener world. From our own “energyinnovation hub” in Santa Clara, California we will continue to developand scale technologies to make tomorrow’s building more efficient.