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lucrative+investments+3 Eco InvestingGreen stock continues to be a very lucrative investment. This trend will continue as the planet’s resources become ever morescarce and renewable energy is increasingly mainstream.

Greentechnologies are smart investments for the next decade and beyond.Companies involved in conservation and renewable energy will continue to see significant growth. Significant amounts of capital are alreadybeing invested in renewable energy all around the globe including windfarms and photovoltaic cells for solar power.

There is also great return potential investing in the extractive industries, which mine the key components of the new green economy. Materials vital to renewableenergy and the companies that mine and extract these components are agreat investment. Renewable energy sources like solar and batterytechnology require elements like gallium, indium, germanium and lithium.

Extraordinary returns await those who invest in green ahead of US environmentallegislation and a binding global agreement to regulate emissions.

Renewable energy and conservation measures are creating some of the biggestinvestment opportunities the world has ever seen.


The Commericialization of Earth Day


The Commericialization of Earth Day

A Handful of Eco Investments That Could Pay Off


A Handful of Eco Investments That Could Pay Off

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