Eco Gadgets: Solar LED flashlight uses the sun to prevent injuries

solar flashlight_1
Goingback home after dark, especially if the neighborhood isn’t as friendlyin filling up any pits before you come back home, is always a riskybusiness. Flashlights do help you getting back home safe, but the daywhen your luck runs out, the batteries in that won’t be charged orreplaced. The solar LED flashlight from ChinaVasion doesn’t need a lucky man to survive the pits and potholes on the road, but actually a decent amount of solar charge daily.

solar flashlight_2

Theflashlight comes with a built-in solar panel that can recharge theflashlight’s Li-ion battery, which is good enough for a decentillumination by powering the 10 LEDs the flashlight is equipped with.Considering that LEDs won’t eat much of your flashlight’s solar charge,a decent amount of sun exposure will definitely guarantee a safe tripback home. The flashlight is priced at $9.79, but the company isn’tshipping just one piece. Maybe a second one for your loved one willhelp.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets



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