East Coast “Hydrogen Highway” Breaks Ground

Proton Energy Systems and SunHydro have broken ground on the first connection of the planned Hydrogen Highway that can create an East Coast market for cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells. TheHydrogen Highway will be a network of nine stations stretching fromMaine to Miami.

The Hydrogen Highway should be completed by the time automakersstart to roll out hydrogen cars at the rate of thousands. The stationson the East Coast can also help change automakers’ opinion of this as aviable market for fuel cell cars.

Hydrogen fueled cars don’t emit any toxic gas as the only thingcoming out of the exhaust is water vapor, however generating hydrogenfrom natural gas can cause pollution. SunHydro’s hydrogen generatingsystems are different, they produce hydrogen from water using renewablesolar energy, which ensures a 100 percent zero-emission fuel.

Fuel cell cars have a range of 200-450 miles, so with the HydrogenHighway stations strategically placed, owners can drive the entire EastCoast using the alternative fuel.

Via: Hartford Business



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