Dublin, Georgia, to be new home to German-rooted Mage Solar

MAGE SOLAR GMBH, part of the globally operating MAGE GROUP, and theGovernor of Georgia, Sonny Perdue, recently announced the setup of thesolar company’s North American headquarters and production facility forphotovoltaic modules in the state of Georgia. In the city of Dublin inLaurens County MAGE SOLAR will invest $30 million to create 350 jobswithin the next five years.

The new North American corporatecampus of MAGE SOLAR will be home to the company’s headquarters, a large manufacturing facility as well as a solar academy. All administrativeand operational processes necessary to serve the growing US solar market will be managed by the new headquarters. The manufacturing facility for MAGE SOLAR’s crystalline photovoltaic modules will satisfy the marketdemand respectively.

In the first phase, the production capacity will be 40MW with a total capacity of 800MW after the last stage ofexpansion. Due to the great potential of the American continent and thesteadily increasing demand, the production of MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules is scheduled to begin around the end of this year. MAGE SOLAR alsoplans to build an academy for solar education to promote solid solarknowledge and training in the industry.

“We are certain that wehave found the perfect home for our company based on the excellentinfrastructure, impressive workforce known for its productivity,integrity and skill, as well as a keenly business oriented leadership,who during the whole process also never lost focus of what is best forthe future of Georgia, Laurens County and the City of Dublin,” saidNorbert Philipp, CEO of MAGE SOLAR GMBH.

Dublin’s strategiclocation, about half ways between one of the most well-connectedairports in the world and the ever expanding Port of Savannah providesthe solar company a logistic advantage. The primary focus of the NorthAmerican subsidiary will be on the domestic market, long term however,MAGE SOLAR is also considering serving the international market outsidethe US.

“We are pleased to welcome MAGE SOLAR to Georgia as wecelebrate another headquarters coming to our state. MAGE gives us theopportunity to expand our leadership position and industrycompetitiveness in the renewable energy sector,” said Governor Perdue.“The growth of renewable energy is important to our state and nation, so I believe MAGE SOLAR will be successful for years to come in Dublin.”

Its unique workforce training program Quick Start as well as its overallbusiness-oriented climate make Georgia an attractive state for locatingcorporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities. In addition,Georgia is also home to the Center of Excellence for PhotovoltaicsResearch and Education at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Known for itsgroundbreaking research in clean, renewable energy sources, it is onlyone out of two centers of its kind nationwide.

Chairman of theDublin/Laurens Development Authority, Guy Cochran, praised the decisionof MAGE SOLAR to locate in Dublin, Georgia.

He said: “We areconfident that MAGE SOLAR will be extremely pleased with their decisionto locate in our wonderful community. Our excellent workforce andcommunity leadership eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist MAGESOLAR in achieving all their corporate goals. We are committed to theimmediate success of MAGE SOLAR and pledge any and all support necessary to expedite that success.”

The expansion of MAGE SOLAR’smanufacturing capacities into the North American market is a crucialstep to further strengthen the company’s international position in theindustry. The new North American corporate campus is designed to swiftly become a highly innovative enter for photovoltaics that will exert itsinfluence worldwide.

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