Dragen Children’s House Powered by Solar

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Danish architecture firm C.F. Mollerhas unveiled the Dragen Children’s House, a new kindergarten in Denmarkthat integrates sustainable building practices and energy-savingsystems to reduce the building’s reliance on grid electricity.

Allthe components used in the construction are “Nordic Swan” eco-labeledand the construction has been certified passive-house, using a minimumamount of energy. The children’s areas are located toward the southernside, which is mostly illuminated by natural light. 

Thekindergarten has small niches distributed throughout the complex, wherechildren can play and read. The highly insulated building is designedto consume about 20% less energy than a standard building. Moreover,healthy materials are used, which are proven to reduce the spread ofinfluenza.

Theentire building is constructed from prefabricated wooden insulated wallsegments and glazed facades that provide natural lighting and passivesolar heating. The building also features a solar water heating systemand electricity generating system with heat recovery.

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Via: World Architecture News


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