Dow Corning, Reis ally to market breakthrough solar encapsulation technology

Dow Corning Corp., a global leader in silicones, silicon-basedtechnology and innovation, and Reis Robotics, a worldwide leader insystem integration, jointly announced an effort to promote the new DowCorning PV-6100 Encapsulant Series.

Reis Robotics is now apreferred supplier of equipment used in a manufacturing process thatsignificantly increases the production rate of solar panels, effectively lowering the cost per watt of solar power.

The manufacturingprocess works in conjunction with Dow Corning PV-6100 EncapsulantSeries, which provides protection to solar cells in a panel and canreplace commonly used ethyl vinyl acetate resin. The liquidsilicone-based material targets outperforming incumbent materials indurability, module efficiency, and manufacturing efficiencies providingan improved total cost for solar cell modules.

Reis,headquartered in Germany, is recognized for its technical innovations in robotics, global reach, and highly regarded reputation in the solarindustry, said Gaetan Borgers, global industry director, Dow CorningSolar Business.

"We are looking for innovative collaborators whoexcel at providing next generation turnkey solutions to customersquickly," Borgers said. "By working with leaders in the field who shareour vision of advancing the promise of solar technology, a completemanufacturing solution is possible."

"We are proud to work withDow Corning to actualize energy efficiency gains in solar module lineautomation," said Dr. Michael Wenzel, General Manager, Reis Robotics."We are confident that our proven robotics solutions will help the solar industry reach grid parity, lower production costs and achieve economyof scale."

Demonstration lines for customer evaluations will beinstalled at Reis’ facility in Germany, as well as at Dow Corning’sfacility in Korea.

"This collaboration maximizes our strengthas a material solution provider and Reis’ strength as an equipmentsolution provider," said Don Buchalski, senior marketing specialist, Dow Corning Solar Business. "Our ultimate goal is to help advance solarpower as a viable and sustainable option globally."

Dow Corning’s encapsulant technology will help reduce the cost per kilowatt-hour ofsolar power by lowering the total cost of ownership through lowerprocessing temperatures, faster throughput, lower capital and lessfactory space needed for the equipment.


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