DoE Delivers Nearly $72 Million for Energy Efficiency Projects

The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) has earmarked almost $72 millionin funding for energy efficiency and conservation initiatives in sevenstates and territories.

The funding, from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, willgo to projects in Idaho, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Puerto Rico, SouthDakota and the U.S. Virgin Islands to create jobs and reduce energyuse. Each state or territory received an award of $9,593,500, with theexception of New Jersey, which received $14,400,700.

Steven ChuAnnouncingthe funding last week, U.S. Energy Secrety Steven Chu said it would“allow states to make major investments in energy solutions that willstrengthen America’s economy and create jobs at the local level. Itwill also promote some of the cheapest, cleanest and most reliableenergy technologies we have – energy efficiency and conservation –which can be deployed immediately. Local communities can now makestrategic investments to help meet the nation’s long-term clean energyand climate goals.”

The states receiving funding plan to use it for a variety ofpurposes. Nevada, for instance, plans to use some of its grant toretrofit 200 emergency vehicles throughout the state withidle-reduction technologies to lower fossil fuel emissions. Idaho willhelp cities and counties adopt the 2009 International EnergyConservation Code, specifically, the state will award scholarships tocode enforcement officials to receive training and provide grants tocities and counties to support code adoption and enforcement. NewJersey will use some of its funding to retrofit state facilities.

Projects eligible for support include the development of an energyefficiency and conservation strategy, energy efficiency audits andretrofits, transportation programs, the creation of financial incentiveprograms for energy efficiency improvements, the development andimplementation of advanced building codes and inspections andinstallation of renewable energy technologies at municipal buildings.



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