DOE Awards $122M for Fuel From Sunlight

sun energy fuel DOE Awards $122M for Fuel From Sunlight

The Department of Energy launched a new blog this week, the aptly named (yet uninspiring) Energy Blog. Among other announcements and musings (OK, really more statements than deep thoughts) is a call to develop three Energy Innovation Hubs, one of which will drive research to turn sunlight into fuels.

This is not the first time the Obama Administration has shelled outfor sunlight fuels. Last October, ARPA-E, the advanced projects research group at the Department of Energy, gave out $23.7 million in grants to startups and universities experimenting in the relatively new field of direct solar fuels. Thecurrent award will give out up to $122 million over the next five yearsto one Hub for developing this one technology.

The Energy Innovation Hubs will be modeled after the ManhattanProject, the AT&T Bell Laboratories and on the three $25million-per-year DOE Bioenergy Research Centers. The other two Hubs will research energy efficiency in buildings systems and modeling andsimulation for nuclear reactors.

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