Discussing Electric Vehicles


There are 8 – 10 places around the world that I’ve unofficially“annexed” as offices-outside-my-office – you know, venues to meetbusiness contacts when an office setting is unnecessary.

I try to make these settings a treat for my guests. When people cometo see me from Nebraska, for instance, how likely is it that they’d like to see the inside of a steak house? That’s why I’m annexed One Pico, a nice restaurant in Santa Monica, overlooking the deep blue Pacific — a view that I have to think most Nebraskans would remember fondly.

At noon today, I have a meeting in which I’ll be talking about electric vehicles with a local businessman. We’ll be at my home away from home, the Huntington Library, 207 acres of gardens and art museums, home to Gainsborough’s “Blue Boy” and 1200 other paintings and sculptures – as well as many thousands ofhistorically important books and letters in the fabulous library. I’m amember, and I use the place so frequently for purposes like this thatsome of the staff know me by name.

In a few hours, we’ll be talking about Auguste Rodin, JamesMadison, and 330 volt AC induction motors. It doesn’t get any better.



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