Dentists in Colorado Springs Go 100% Solar

If you’re like 90 percent of the population, going to the dentist is not something to get excited about. But if you’re a fan of solar energy, there’s at least one place you can look forward to getting your teeth drilled—Colorado Springs.

A group of dentists in the Colorado city recently turned the switch on a 30.72-kW solar carport that will provide 100 percent of the power for the building they share.

The project was installed by El Paso Green Energies, a local solar installer.

The solar carport is composed of 128 240-watt panels. And so far, Colorado’s snow and cold haven’t been a match for the installation.

“Even though it’s still winter, the system has hit 84 percent conversion from DC to AC,” said Phil Brodhagen, El Paso’s director of operations.

Compared to hospitals, dentist offices aren’t huge energy hogs, but, according to Brodhagen, the system has offset quite a bit of carbon so far.

“Up to date info is 150 lbs per day,” he said. “In 54 days of operation, that’s 3.87 tons.”

Instead of a rooftop installation, the dentists opted for a carport that shields autos from the elements.

“It’s the best use of land,” said Brodhagen. “Normally you park your car, and it will either get really hot or cold. Now there is shade for the car, but power for the building.”

Phil and his wife started El Paso three years ago. The company provides solar installations and residential solar financing.

For a video of the finished installation, click here.

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