Dell Goes Green with Solar Grove

envision dell solar grove 0 Dell Goes Green with Solar Grove

Perhaps money really does grow on trees after all! Solar Trees are sprouting up in the parking lot of Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) corporate headquarters located in Round Rock, Texas.

It is estimated Dell’s “Solar Grove” project will provide 131,000kW/h of clean solar power to the building, avoiding greenhouse gasemissions by about 145,000 pounds per year. But wait, there’s more.More than 500 individual solar panels will provide shade to some50-plus parking spaces in the employee parking lot. Plus, the treesinclude two Coulomb ChargPoints for electric vehicles and plug-inhybrids.

According to M. White, project manager for general contractor McBride Electric,an open area of the parking lot was chosen for the Solar Groveinstallation – no trees were cut down or removed for the project. Thecharging stations are free for employees and will also work at night.

The project was a collaborative effort by numerous companies. Coulomb Technologies provided the charging points, solar panels were manufactured by BP Solar and the solar trees were planted by Envision Solar International Inc.

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