Delaware Solar Energy Rebates on Their Way

If you’re a resident of Delaware and have installed solar panels onyour home in the last two years, your long wait for a solar rebatecheck will soon end, according to the state’s Department of NaturalResources and Environmental Conservation.

The waiting list for solar rebate checks in Delaware — which hasgrown to 18 months to two years — will be trimmed by the use of $1.3million in stimulus funding. The funds are coming over from a stateresearch and development program.

Rebate checks — ranging between $6,000 and $12,000 each, on average — will be sent out over the next two months to 133 residents who havecompleted the installation of renewable energy projects on their homes.Six checks will also be sent out for commercial projects within thestate. The rebates being sent out within the next two months will total$1.75 million.

Collin O’Mara, Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources andEnvironmental Conservation, is confident that all the rebates will behonored: “We’re committed to making good on every promise that was madeto residents or businesses that have put up solar or other renewabletechnology,” O’Mara said.

That promise applies for another 87 residents who are due a combined$680,000 in rebates — plus 14 nearly completed commercial installationsthat together are owed $1.1 million. Both groups are not being includedin this latest round of rebate checks. The plan is to cover as many ofthese rebates checks as possible with leftover state funds.

Delaware residents should be aware of a number of additionalnoteworthy items relating to renewable energy and energy efficiency, according to Delaware Online:

  • Via its Green Energy Program, Delaware gives rebates not only for solar powerinstallations but also for geothermal and small wind projects.
  • The state may implement a new program to allow residents andbusinesses to finance Delaware solar installation projects usingrenewable energy credits.
  • Two weeks ago, it was announced that the Sustainable Energy Utility(SEU), a state-organized nonprofit group, would help provide rebates via the Delaware Home Star Program for  heating, cooling, water equipment,and weatherization projects.
  • Another SEU program will offer rebates to businesses and non-profits for small-scale renewable energy projects.

Visit DSIRE to read more about Delaware’s programs relating to solarpower, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Delaware Solar Energy Rebates on Their Way