Dealing with the Electricity Devil

Living in a modern society means that we all accept certain things to be “normal.” We expect running water, a roof over our heads, decent food and electricity. These are the things that are at the very base of our day to day existence. There are people in America that don’t have these things. Shame on us for allowing that to happen … but that’s another blog. This note is all about the things we feel are important to just being alive.

One of the the core ingredients of our lives is electricity. There are some among us that don’t have it and don’t want it. That’s pretty interesting. Okay … not quite sure how they do that, but more power (pun intended) to them. For all of the rest of us, it’s a given in modern life.

Go rent a new apartment or buy a house (or rent one, these days) and the first two calls you make are to the guys that supply water and electricity. There is no way around this. These are necessary to live any sort of life these days. No power … you die. Back east, it happens in the winter. In the desert, it happens in the summer. It’s your choice when, but not if.

We have all made a deal with the Electric Devil when we were born into this society. We were going to need electricity every day, from the day we got here until the day we go. We were going to share a part of our daily labor with the power company in exchange for it … just as we do for food, water and shelter. Have you ever talked to someone that doesn’t get electricity on purpose? Ever hear about someone getting shut off? They always find the cash to get it turned on before the night falls … always.

As you all know, we sell machines that make electricity. They happen to be solar panels and they don’t have any moving parts, but essentially they are electrical power making machines. Personal power plants. We sell them because people can’t get along without electricity and we make it better and cheaper than the power company, who you are buying it from now. Folks think it’s a pretty good business. So far, so good.

Now, you can finally get away from the Electric Devil. It’s the first time in history that inventors have found a way for you to make it just like the big guys and do it for less … and here in the Valley of the Sun, it really works great.

If you have some money, you can simply pay for the next few years of power in advance and then never again. If you don’t have any extra cash, that’s okay. There are still some banks that will share your investment and still keep your costs lower than before. Either way, you get to break the deal with the power devil and keep your life that way it was before.

Even Faust would take that deal.

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