David Marchetti Architetto’s Solar Office

rammed earth office building_2

While most modern architecture firms are making use of the latest advancements in technology to design next-gen buildings, David Marchetti Architettois going back into history for a sustainable office building for Leeds,UK. The building features a modern façade formed from rammed earth andemploys passive design principles to reduce overall energy consumption.

Thebuilding also harvests solar energy to help power its electrical andcooling systems to further reduce energy demands. Moreover the rammedearth walls offer the benefits of insulating thermal mass and solarshading, while the portholes allow natural light and air to filterthrough. Theinterior of the building is just as sustainable as the outside.Interior spaces are designed without VOCs and are naturally ventilatedand illuminated. A ground air exchange also reduces energy consumptionfrom heating and cooling.

rammed earth office building_3

rammed earth office building_4

rammed earth office building_5

rammed earth office building_6

Via: Inhabitat/Dezeen



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