DARPA Solar Blimp

darpa isis 1 EygTt 69 DARPA Solar Blimp

DARPA is working on a high-altitude reconnaissance and surveillanceplatform dubbed the Integrated Sensor Is the Structure (ISIS) that willbe able to hover above the horizon near conflict zones and feedreal-time radar data to troops and smart weapons.

This fully-automatedblimp is designed to take off from a permanent ground base in the U.S.and fly automatically to any point on the planet within 10 days.

Designed to hover at a height of over six miles, the ISIS is safefrom most ground-based missile attacks and even pretty safe if an enemyaircraft tries to take it out with an air-to-air missile. The blimp isalso designed to be self-sustaining and harnesses solar energy to splitwater into hydrogen and oxygen, which is combined in a fuel cell atnight to generate electrical energy. The developers estimate that theblimp should be able to be in flight around 2014.

Via: Fast Company