Danfoss Develops TripleLynx Pro

Danfoss Solar Inverters A/S hasintroduced TripleLynx Pro, a server that is designed tointegrate the communication and data-logging functions of a solarinverter. The integrated Web server makes it possible to view settingsand log information without installing additional software or hardwaredevices, the company explains.

Inverters can be set up quicklyand easily by connecting any PC directly to the TripleLynx Pro. The Webserver is available in eight languages, and a comprehensive interfaceenables the user to view graphs, displaying f.x. daily, monthly oryearly performance. Status information and settings of the entirenetwork can be reviewed.

Web access also makes it possible toreplicate system settings, set messaging requirements and export loggeddata directly to a PC or an external Web portal, the company adds.

TripleLynx Pro is expected to be available beginning in January 2011.

Danfoss Solar Inverters A/S: 45 30560045

SOURCE: Danfoss SolarInverters A/S