Dan Kammen Advising World Bank on Energy Issues

Electricity Demand in 2005 and Projected Demand in 2015 and 2030

The World Bank today announced theappointment of Professor of Energy Daniel M. Kammen of the University of California, Berkeley as the organization’s Chief Technical Specialistfor Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. This is a new positioncreated to provide strategic leadership on the policy, technical, andoperational fronts. The aim is to enhance the operational impact of the Bank’s renewable energy and energy efficiency activities whileexpanding the institution’s role as an enabler of global dialogue onmoving energy development to a cleaner and more sustainable pathway. The appointment comes amid unprecedented demand from developingcountries for World Bank support in their efforts to address development and climate change as interlinked challenges. This includes responding to the challenges in providing energy services to the one-and-a-halfbillion people who remain without access to clean, reliable, andaffordable modern energy services.

“I am delighted that Dan Kammen will be joining the Bank in thiscritical role at this critical time,” said Inger Andersen, World BankVice President for Sustainable Development “With Dan on board, we lookforward to strong leadership and rich partnerships with many actors, inthe public and private sectors, on this important topic.” “Morethan ever,” Andersen added, “our client and countries are looking forsolutions as they put in place economic growth and poverty reductionpolicies for their citizens today while taking into account the needs of the planet tomorrow. The supply and use of clean energy is a primeelement in responding to both concerns. Dan’s deep knowledge, broadexperience, and extensive network of international actors working inthis area makes him a perfect fit for this new position.”

Daniel M. Kammen has worked for 25 years on the technical, analytictools and policies that play a central role in enabling a low-carbonenergy and wider sustainable economic systems. “I am captivated andmotivated by the need to respond to the immense clean energy needs ofcountries around the world to address quality of life and economicempowerment, address problems of inequity, and respond to the challenges of climate change,” said Kammen. “As researchers and developmentprofessionals, we must refine what we are currently doing, as well asdevelop new tools, to provide more low-cost, high quality, clean energyworldwide.”

Currently, Kammen is the Class of 1935 Distinguished Professor ofEnergy at the University of California, Berkeley, where he holdsappointments in the Energy and Resources Group, the Goldman School ofPublic Policy, and the department of Nuclear Engineering. The focus ofhis work is on the science and policy of clean, renewable energysystems, energy efficiency, the role of energy in national energypolicy, international climate debates, and the use and impacts of energy sources and technologies on development, particularly in Africa andLatin America.



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