Critical Manufacturing releases NAVIGO 2.0 solar edition at Solarcon China 2010

Critical Manufacturing announces the release of cmNAVIGO 2.0 SolarEdition, a rich Internet Manufacturing Enterprise System (MES) forAdvanced Manufacturing that enables photovoltaic manufacturers tocombine the high flexibility and pre-customized rich set manufacturingexecution and analytical solutions with tightly integrated qualitytools.

Critical Manufacturing will showcase cmNAVIGO 2.0 Solar Edition at SOLARCON China 2010, in Shanghai.

ReinerMissale, Critical Manufacturing’s CEO, explains: “While solarmanufacturers keep looking for new ways of achieving lower costs andhigher throughputs, they reach manufacturing processing challenges thatrequire continuously monitoring and adjustment of process and equipmentvariables. Further optimizations without tight control of suchparameters and variables will inevitably result in lower yields andquality problems. Examples are the associated sawing and handling ofever thinner wafers as these reach critical dimensions.”

Whileversion one of cmNAVIGO was focused on modeling and executionflexibility in hierarchical WIP tracking, multi-level resourcetracking, dispatching, engineering data collection, carrier,consumables and durables management, cmNAVIGO 2.0 introduces a completeset of quality management fully integrated features, includingStatistical Process Control, Checklists and Exceptions Management.

cmNAVIGO2.0 Solar edition has been richly customized to – with a singleinteractive Silverlight based web-interface – allow: Flexible modelingfor all PV manufacturing materials, products and flows, for CrystallineSilicon and Thin-Film production lines; Advanced hierarchical materialtracking , with sub-material tracking – ideal for modeling batches andlots of ingots, bricks, wafers, or for batch panels in thin-film lines;Tracking and traceability of durables, such as crucibles; Manual andautomatic data collection, with sampling, aggregations andcalculations; Interactive user customizable dashboards with onlineproduction line status; Pre-set reports for most common KPI’s such ascycle-time, yield, uptime, PPH, MTBF, MTTR,; Pre-set data warehousecubes for material and resource, for advanced analytical operations.