Crealy: U.K’s First Solar Amusement Park

crealy park

Solar energy is not limited just to your home or the local locality. It can also support loads of fun along with becoming a commercial asset to organizations in the long terms. The Crealy Great Adventure Park inDevon, UK has become the first in the country to have its fun ridespowered by solar power. While the entire park is not yet running on 100% solar power, the guys are trying real hard to get there.

One must remember that a sunny day is a pretty rare sight even inthe ‘English Summer’ and with dreary skies mostly around, it would behard for any amusement park in the UK to go completely solar. That said, the latest installation of 200,000 sq ft of solar photovoltaic panelson the roof of Devon’s Crealy Great Adventure Park’s main buildingsallows the park to go 90% solar on the sunny days.

That in itself is a huge achievement as it shows the potential ofsolar panels when they make their way onto commercial rooftops and giant parking spaces. The park already is cutting down on carbon emission byusing bio-fuel for all its vehicles and trying to go green with usage of as many local products as possible. The new installation will only help further the green initiative that is already in full swing.

Via: Crealy


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