Copenhagen Here We Come!

Most peopletake a vacation to escape the day to day of life and work and to reallyrest and relax. Jeff & Dori Wolfe are not “most people.” Ourfounders are taking a vacation to Copenhagen, Denmark to be there forthe climate change conference.

As Jeff said, “We’re going to Copenhagen not simply to watch, but tomove the world toward a sane climate policy. Taking vacation at aclimate conference in not most people’s idea of fun, especially inDenmark in the winter, but Dori and I did not hesitate to commit to it.”

Jeff & Dori are traveling as part of the delegation from theSolar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). SEIA has “party status” –meaning the organization has been nominated by the U.S. to participatein climate discussions at the conference. SEIA will be working withother Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) during the conference.

While in Copenhagen, Jeff will be presenting Al Gore’s climateslideshow – an updated version of the one seen in “An InconvenientTruth” – at the local Bella Center office of the U.S. Alliance forClimate Protection on December 14.