Cooler Planet Partners With SeeYourImpact


Recently, Cooler Planet decided to partner with a non-profit called SeeYourImpact.

In our never ending quest to help people take steps to reduce theirimpact on the planet we are working with SeeYourImpact to bring thepower of solar energy to impoverished villages in India! The idea atSeeYourImpact is simple. Connect hundreds of millions of donors tobillions of beneficiaries, in virtually any cause area (includingsolar), anywhere in the world, one small gift at a time. As you willsee below, donors are connected to the actual beneficiary and canpersonally witness the power of their small gift.

After hearing the buzz about SeeYourImpact we decided to try theprocess out for ourselves. With the help of SeeYourImpact we picked acause; naturally, at Cooler Planet, we gave a gift to The Restoring Force, who’smission is to bring light and thereby prosperity into the lives ofpeople living in remote villages in India by providing them with SolarLanterns. In a few minutes, our gift was processed at SeeYourImpact andThe Restoring Force was notified about the donation of a solar lantern. Recently, we found an interesting email in our inbox:

Darkness gave way to light when a solar lanternentered the home of Ramnabai thanks to help from Cooler Planet and TheRestoring Force. Prior to this donation, Ramnabai had lived her entirelife without electricity. Each evening, she hurried home from the fields to prepare dinner before the sun set and darkness enveloped thetraditional mud home she shares with her husband and two children. Clickhere toread the entire story.

Wow, what an amazing story! As you all know, Cooler Planet makes itsimple to quickly find green businesses and service providers in yourarea. We are excited to see real life examples about how solartechnology can be applied in other areas of the world to provide astable source of light for families.

We encourage you to visit SeeYourImpact, check out the solar lanternproject at The Restoring Force and support the spread of solartechnologies to impoverished families around the world! Also, keep youreyes out for more projects at SeeYourImpact as they expand in 2010.



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