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Solar Won’t Destroy Utilities

Solar Won’t Destroy Utilities

Last week (June 3) Business Insider published an article by Rob Wile titled “How Solar Will Destroy The Power Companies, In 5 Easy Steps.” Yesterday American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) Executive Director Steven Nadel came out with a sort of response in a blog “Utilities are frightened of a ‘death spiral.’ They shouldn’t be.” The first

Carolinas: New US Solar Hotspot

Two things happened this week showing that California and the U.S. Southwest are no longer the only bastions for solar power and they were in the sister states of the Carolinas, both states dominated by conservative politicians. North Carolina is already among the U.S. leaders in terms of solar but yesterday (May 21) South Carolina’s

Perovskite Solar Cells: Getting the Lead Out

When people talk about solar photovoltaics, they’re usually talking about silicon PV, which has dominated the solar industry for decades, but there are a number of competing technologies out there that are trying to give traditional crystalline silicon-based PV a run for its money and one of the most promising is perovskite crystal technologies. Such

Utilities Push Home Solar Taxes

Utilities are pushing for taxes and fees on residential solar, according to utility trade-group Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI’s) attorney. Solar advocacy group The Alliance For Solar Choice (TASC) observed EEI Attorney Edward Comer’s comments at a solar workshop with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) last week. It shouldn’t be a surprise since utilities are in the practice of

Solar Installations up Nearly 420% in US Over Past 4 Years

That’s according to information released by the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) yesterday (April 22). The EIA reported that since 2010 the number of solar installations has grown 418 percent to 12,057 megawatts (1.3 percent of the nation’s energy capacity) by February 2014 from 2,326 megawatts in 2010, a nearly 10,000 megawatt gain.

Google + SunEdison = Residential Solar Installations

This morning (April 23) SunPower and Google announced that they partnered on a new, $250 million fund to finance rooftop solar arrays on homes across the U.S. While the tech giant has created funds to support home solar installations in the past, the fund with SunPower is primarily funded by the solar company and not the search

Unveiled: Solar Impulse 2

The first manned solar-powered plane designed to navigate the globe solely on the power of the sun, Solar Impulse 2, is complete! The new plane was unveiled today (April 9). This is the second version of the ultralight plane that Bertrand Piccard, André Borschberg and their team have completed in their quest to fly around

White House Holds Solar Summit

Yesterday the White House held a solar summit where it called on businesses and non-profits to support more solar power throughout the U.S. At the summit the President awarded members of the solar community while pushing for more solar deployment and jobs. “Since President Obama took office, we have made significant advances in clean energy,”

Con Edison Goes Solar at NYC HQ

Atop a skyscraper in New York City utility Con Edison is using solar to power its headquarters. The company said today (April 21) that it installed a 40 kilowatt solar array using more than 200 Suniva PV modules on the 19th story of its building in Manhattan, which can power two of the building’s floors.

Sungevity Gets $70 Million

Last week, Sungevity announced a $70 million round of new equity financing. While bigger pots of money to support companies’ expansion in the retail solar market, the new pot of cash for the company comes shortly after it partnered with Sunrun to expand services. And this round of financing is also notable because of Sungevity’s ability

Solar on Every U.S School!

This morning the National Solar Schools Consortium launched at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Conference in Boston. The goal of the newly formed organization is to put solar on roof of every school from kindergarten to high school. That would be almost 140,000 schools if you look at how many schools the National Center for Education

California Solar Net-Metering for Homeowners: PROTECTED

Last week the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) took action to give California homeowners with solar arrays and those who install solar under the current net-energy metering (NEM) program assurances that the net-metering contract they sign will be good for 20 years under state policy. The decision, in the largest residential solar market in the

It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s A Facebook Solar Drone

Today Mark Zuckerberg announced on—where else, Facebook—that his company is indeed looking to spread the Internet via drones, laser beams and other space-aged stuff. Rumors surfaced earlier this month that the Web giant was looking into purchasing Titan Aerospace, a maker of solar-powered drones that can fly at roughly 65,000 feet for indefinite periods of time. Now Zukerberg, and

Solar: 100GW by 2018

In 2018 the annual deployment of photovoltaics is anticipated to grow to 100 gigawatts a year. That’s according to NPD Solarbuzz’ latest Marketbuzz report, which said that by then PV will be a $50 billion worldwide market. The report anticipates that the solar PV industry will grow to 3 percent of the world’s energy supply in 2018, assuming that

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