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VW Said to Buy Battery Startup Stake for Tesla Challenge

Volkswagen AG (VOW) bought a stake in battery startup QuantumScape Corp. with the aim of developing technology that can more than triple the range of its electric cars, according to people familiar with the matter. VW is considering using the energy-storage technology, which is fireproof, for vehicles from the namesake brand as well as Porsche


Musk Battery Works Fill Utilities With Fear and Promise

Here’s why something as basic as a battery both thrills and terrifies the U.S. utility industry. At a sagebrush-strewn industrial park outside of Reno, Nevada, bulldozers are clearing dirt for Tesla Motors Inc.’s battery factory, projected to be the world’s largest. Tesla’s founder, Elon Musk, sees the $5 billion facility as a key step toward

US Navy solar battery

US Navy Pushes Solar Energy Storage Solution

We just got wind of a major new oil industry campaign to tear down California’s clean energy rules, but we’re thinking these guys are going to be outflanked by the shockingly rapid growth of the energy storage sector. Case in point: the Navy Mobile Utilities Support Equipment facility in Port Hueneme, California, is hosting a

Envision Solar’s Portable Solar Chargers to Enhance EV Charging Infrastructure

Lack of charging stations has been holding back growth of the electric vehicle market for years now, and it seems that it will continue to be one of the biggest obstacles EV adoption for years to come. The stalemate surrounding the EV charging infrastructure is mostly due to the fact that charging stations are pretty


SolarFeeds Author Jordan Perch

Jordan Perch is a transport analyst and expert in consumer affairs for the automotive industry. He is an author on topics related to public transport, specifically the use of ride-sharing and car-sharing services, and their impact on mass transit. He is a regular contributor to SolarFeeds, the IHS GlobalSpec and's blog and a proud owner of a Tesla Model S.

“Staggering” Energy Storage News From California

This organization called Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) just crossed our radar, and since its membership includes SolarCity, GE, Microsoft, Philips, Verizon, and a few score other corporate sluggers we’re going to pick apart some energy storage news it passed along last week. Specifically, AEE is all excited over a “staggering” 2,221 MW energy buy just


New Battery Startup, Alevo, Has Raised $1 Billion In Private Funding, Looking To Blow Up US Energy Storage Industry | CleanTechnica

A new battery startup based out of Martigny, Switzerland — the Alevo Group — has, reportedly, raised over $1 billion in funding from anonymous Swiss investors, and is now aiming to “revolutionize” the US energy storage industry/market. The company has created a new battery that lasts notably longer than the current industry standard, according to

4 Trends Shaping the US Solar-Plus-Storage Market

Energy storage is expensive but offers a host of opportunities, both in revenue generation and cost reduction. Paired with solar, energy storage is even more attractive, offering savings on the energy portion of the bill and access to ITC benefits when eligible — through 2016, anyway. The chart below, presented by GTM Research senior grid

Power storage group Alevo plan 1bn US battery plant

The Philip Morris plant in Concord, North Carolina used to manufacture a billion cigarettes a year. But Americans are smoking less, and in the tobacco giant shuttered the factory’s doors years ago and announced plans to sell the 2,100 acre, the 3.5 million square foot facility. In a sure sign that the U.S. economy is

Solar + Batteries: are we all going off-grid?

For over a hundred years, power plants have been built in a very specific way: large, centralized facilities usually located far from where actual energy consumption takes place. These plants typically have been owned by big corporations (mostly utility companies) on which consumers rely to get electricity. More important, these centralized plants have made the

Energy storage, batteries flourish at SPI 2014

Whether it is ultimately the PV industry that pulls the battery and energy storage industry up with it as it expands, or whether battery and energy storage ultimately pushes PV along, what became clearer at the SPI 2014 show last week is that the two sectors are becoming more inextricably intertwined. Last week’s SPI confab

Will Stem’s Battery Systems Combined With Kyocera’s Solar Boost Energy Storage Adoption?

The convergence of rooftop solar PV and behind-the-meter batteries continues. On Tuesday, Japanese solar module giant Kyocera announced it has teamed up with Stem, a startup that’s installed about 6 megawatts of behind-the-meter lithium-ion batteries, to “offer an integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage solution for commercial power users.” Under the non-exclusive agreement, Stem will

How Carla Peterman and the CPUC will Make Calif. an Energy Storage Leader

Energy storage has been hailed as a “holy grail” for clean energy. Through energy storage, renewable power can be tapped whenever it’s needed, not just when nature cooperates. This means that utilities can overcome the intermittent production of renewable energy while controlling power supply and demand. And residential homeowners capturing unused electricity from rooftop solar

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