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Cogenra’s Hybrid PV and Hot Water Plus Financing

Cogenra Solar is a solar cogeneration startup combining photovoltaic and heat generationto deliver electricity and hot water for commercial and industrialsites.  We profiled them here in September. Hybrid PV and hot water is not entirely new — the real innovativepiece at the Khosla Ventures-funded Cogenra might be the introduction of the Heat and Power Purchase

Khosla’s PV/Hot Water Startup Cogenra Unstealths

Cogenra (formerly known as Skywatch Energy), a Khosla Ventures-funded solarstartup is slowly coming out of stealth — urged on by their recent winof a $1.5 million California Solar Initiative (CSI) RD&D grant.   RD&D, oddly, stands for Research, Development, Deployment and Demonstration.  Here is some of the text of the Cogenra grant: Cogenra Solar has developed,

A Look at Solar Hot Water in Tucson, Arizona

With an ideal climate and helpful incentives, Tucson, Arizona ispoised to become a hot spot for solar water heating. The city boastsnear constant sunshine and Tucson Electric Power provides generous incentives: a $750 up front rebate and performancebased incentive covering $0.25/kWh of avoided electricity use. Solar water heaters rarely get the attention they deserve fromhomeowners

How Big a Roof is Needed for Solar PV, Hot Water or Both?

How do you allocate roof space for both a solar PV system and a solar hot water system? True solar enthusiasts occasionally runinto this type of dilemma. It’s most common to see one or the other on an individual roof, but the space requirements for thesecomplementary technologies add another dimension to choosing between photovoltaics (PV)

Is A Solar Hot Water System A Good Fit for You?

So you’re interested in solar hot water? We’re happy to hear it.Solar water heating is an effective way to lower your utility bill. And, compared to solar electric — or photovoltaic (PV) — systems, solarwater heaters are typically less expensive. (For more info on thedifferences between these technologies, see our post Solar Hot Water vs.

China’s Solar Hot Water Example

Look who’s investing in solar hot water technology. While the rest of us are worrying that solar thermal lacks the trendy appeal of othersolar tech and wondering when people will realize how much sense itmakes, China is quietly stepping up and installing more solar hot watercapacity than anyone in the world. In this graph from

Hawaii’s Solar Hot Water Miracle

When it comes to solar hot water, these are The Little Islands ThatCould. Hawaii’s strong investment in solar water heating technology hasgiven their state the enviable designation of Solar Hot Water Leaderwithin the United States. It’s also made these water heating systems aneven more attractive investment. Check out the size of Hawaii’s marketcompared to other

Solar Hot Water vs. Solar PV

So you want to get solar but haven’t heard much about solar hotwater? If you’re a little confused on how this technology compares tophotovoltaic (PV) systems, you’re not the only one.  Here are a fewpoints to note: Solar water heaters, which make heat, cost significantly less thanPV systems, which make electricity They offset a specific,

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