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In Focus: Solar Heating and Cooling

In Focus: Solar Heating and Cooling

The greatest country on Earth, as it likes to bill itself, America is currently shut down, thanks to political intransigence and public ignorance. You’d think saving over $60 billion and creating thousands of jobs might wake it out of its gridlocked stupor. That’s what the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) says the United States could

Heating Up PV for More Power

Well, at least for amorphous silicon photovoltaics (PVs). While solar photovoltaics swelter under the summer heat and lose efficiency as a result, research at Michigan Technological University (MTU) shows that heating amorphous silicon PV can actually increase its efficiency in a hybrid solar thermal PV application. “The main problem is [amorphous silicon] degrades when light

India’s Solar Heating Industry Worth $200M

Solar Water Heaters in India are growing at an annual growth rate of more than 15% driven by the following factors a) Growing urbanization and buildings of new homes b) Economic viability compared to electric heaters as electricity tariffs keep going up c) Government support for this Green Friendly product. Note the market for water heaters

Solar Cooling and Heating Market Trends

Solar heating andcooling technologies are a simple, carbon-neutral and affordable way tomeet the much of the power needs of the world’s population. Alreadythese technologies are expanding rapidly, without the policy support of"sexier" PV and wind technology. However, there are significant barriers to be overcome, one of which is a lack of public understanding in manynations.

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