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Elon Musk Had a Deal to Sell Tesla to Google in 2013

Elon Musk Had a Deal to Sell Tesla to Google in 2013

This story is excerpted and adapted from Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, due out May 19 from Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollins. On May 8, 2013, Tesla Motors shocked just about everyone by posting its first-ever quarterly profit, reporting higher-than-expected demand for its Model S electric sedan. That moment marked the beginning

solar and EV

5 solar and EV partnerships making our world much, much cleaner

Solar power and electric vehicles (EV) each get a lot of attention amongst their own segments of followers, and there’s certainly a lot of overlap there. Even the mass media is picking up on the exponential growth trends and falling prices in these two markets. However, I don’t think the combination of the two gets the attention it deserves.

Is "range anxiety" only perception?

Report: EV “range anxiety” is only perception

Electric vehicles (EV) may be the future, but until the “range anxiety” is taken care of, they may not be able to achieve widespread adoption. Tesla CEO Elon Musk drilled this point home last month with the announcement of “range assurance” and trip planner tools. But is range anxiety all in the heads of perspective

Tesla Motors Inc To Run Its Supercharger, Service Center On Solar Power

It looks like Tesla Motors will be taking its “green energy” initiative to the next stage. The Palo Alto-based automaker is building a network of Supercharger, store and service center in Rocklin, California, which will have photovoltaic cells to power the entire site, according to Green Car Reports. The Supercharger site is 20 miles northeast

Electric Vehicles Poised for Huge 2014 Growth

While sales of hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles have taken a downturn in the beginning of this year, analysts are saying it won’t last long. 2014 is set to be the year where electric vehicles gain numbers and the approval of the buying public. An analyst at IHS Automotive predicts that the sales of EV’s

How Many Electric Vehicles Live Near You?

Last week, Edmunds.com published a list of states that had the highest and lowest percentage of electric car registrations. Take a look. . . I can’t say I’m necessarily surprised. Of the top ten, you have four states (California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington), plus the District of Columbia – all strongholds for liberal types who

Electronics for Efficient Electric Vehicles

For decades, futurists have been predicting that the use of electric vehicles (EVs) will overtake conventional vehicles, providing clean, green and cheap transport for all. Although increasing numbers of electric vehicles are being sold in Europe, the internal combustion engine still remains king of the road. EU-funded researchers are trying to change that, developing technology

FUTUREWATCH: A Smart Grid for Electric Vehicles

While the increasing number of electric cars carries is expected to reduce the fuel demand, there is some concern about how the widespread use of electric vehicles would affect the stability of the electrical grid. What would be the best way to integrate plug-in vehicles with the electrical grid? Now, with funding from the U.S.

In Focus: How Green are Electric Vehicles?

For many years, the electric car has been the face of eco-friendly alternative energy. The cars operate on rechargeable batteries as opposed to gasoline, and are thus perceived as an ideal way of going green, since they do not deplete fossil fuels or release emissions harmful to the environment. Recently, however, the electric car has

Will These 5 Electric Vehicles Change The World?

The number of electric cars being manufactured each year is still limited. However, we have tried to come up with some predictions about which plug-in hybrid vehicles have the potential to change the entire world. Check it out: Chevrolet (Chevy) Volt Developed by General Motors (GM), the Chevrolet Volt or Chevy Volt is a Plug-in

Can China meet its Electric Vehicles Target?

New energy vehicles are one of China’s seven strategic emerging industries.  Unlike its other “new energy” counterpart industries, NEVs, and electric vehicles in particular, are still waiting for commercial breakthrough. China’s clean energy targets are usually just temporary placeholders. Targets for wind and solar power installed have been met, surpassed, and updated numerous times. New

Electric Vehicles: 35% Cheaper to Maintain

Much ink has been spilled over whether or not electric vehicles are a cost-effective replacement for conventional cars. Considering their high upfront cost, the return-on-investment isn’t exactly a short-term proposition. But a new study reveals that when it comes to basic maintenance, electric vehicles have the distinct advantage of costing a whole lot less to

Sodium-Ion Batteries: The Future of Electric Vehicles?

AutoBlog Green had some interesting news to report this morning.  Apparently Toyota is looking into potentially replacing the lithium-ion batteries in their hybrids and EVs with sodium-ion batteries.  Though at best it’s just a rumored possibility at the moment, according to the AutoBlog report, sodium-ion batteries would have the potential to turn EVsinto what we’ve

Electric Vehicles Running on Moonlight?

EVs will soon be able to be powered not only by sunlight but also with moonlight thanks to German architect Andre Broessel whose new spherical glass solar energy generator, the ß.torics, will allow electric cars to recharge using moonlight. According to a story published on the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) web site, the sun-tracking glass

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