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Which Residential Solar Firms Have Raised the Most Tax Equity?

Which Residential Solar Firms Have Raised the Most Tax Equity?

Tax equity has been the primary way to finance solar projects in America. But it has sometimes proven difficult. There are a limited number of entities with enough tax liability to invest large pools of money. Concerns over a tax equity bottleneck helped spur the creation of new financial tools, such as securitization and YieldCos. But it’s not as

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NREL Takes First In-Depth Look at Solar Project Completion Timelines

The Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has gathered and analyzed data for more than 30,000 solar photovoltaic (PV) installations across the United States to better understand how interconnection regulations align with actual project completion timelines. The findings indicate that interconnection process delays are common, and can range from several days to months. Streamlining the application

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11 Solar Energy Mythbusters

Don’t think solar works for you? You could be wrong! A lot of myths swirl around solar energy that prevent people from making a well-informed decision about whether it’s right for them. PURE Energies, an NRG Home Solar Company, tackled 10 of the biggest myths about solar energy that you SHOULDN’T believe. I’ve added one of my own, because it’s

PG&E green option

PG&E Plans to Offer Customers a Community Solar Choice in 2015

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) today received permission from state regulators to offer electric customers a new clean energy program that will provide up to 100 percent solar power for a modest cost premium each month. PG&E expects to start enrolling customers in the fourth quarter of this year. “Our green option is all

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Shedding light on solar shingles

BIPV is a quickly growing sector of the global solar market. Transparency Market Research expects this area to grow by 18.7% by 2019, reaching 1.15 GW. One BIPV product picking up popularity is the solar shingle. By nature of their design, solar shingles are primarily geared for the residential market, said Josh Wimble, communications manager

Have solar panels? Here are 5 things that could affect your finances

Arizonans who support solar power, especially those who already have solar technology for their homes, face five key issues this year that could affect their finances: Thousands of homeowners, churches and schools who lease rooftop solar will see new tax bills this year unless state lawmakers take action to stop the fees.  Arizonans who own

Arizona utility introduces residential solar program

A utility in southern Arizona is attempting to head off the proliferation of private solar leasing rooftops and exercise control over where installations occur by installing its own systems on customers’ houses. Tucson Electric Power (TEP) has announced it will launch a Residential Solar Program in the spring for 500-600 of its 414,000 customers. Under the terms of the

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2015: The Year of The Consumer

In 2014, the residential solar industry saw unprecedented growth, installing nearly 60 percent more solar than last year, but the years ahead are poised for even greater adoption of solar by consumers across the country. Here’s why. Consumers Will Hold the Power In 2006, Time magazine chose “You” as their Person of the Year – a nod

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TEP’s ‘rent-a-roof’ would offer cheap solar power for homes

Arizona’s most abundant natural resource could arguably be the sun. Tucson Electric Power wants to start using more of it by enlisting homeowners to lend it their rooftops, potentially taking business away from smaller solar companies. The project is still on the drawing board, but it may be a reality in the next couple of

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Why More Solar Panels Should Be Facing West, Not South

For years, homeowners who bought solar panels were advised to mount them on the roof facing south. That captures the most solar energy over the course of the day, which benefits the homeowner, but does so at hours that are not so helpful for the utility and the grid as a whole. Mount them to

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Solar-Power System Is Easy to Install, and Therefore Much Cheaper

Ordinarily, installing and connecting a new array of rooftop solar panels takes days, weeks, or even months because the hardware is complex and various permits are needed. Yesterday, on a frigid day in Charlestown, Massachusetts, researchers completed the process in about an hour. Homeowners can install the system themselves, by gluing it to a rooftop.

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