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Commercial Roofing: Questions with Dr. Jim Hoff

Commercial Roofing: Questions with Dr. Jim Hoff

Dr. Jim Hoff currently serves as vice president of research for the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing in Washington, D.C., and as president of TEGNOS Research Inc., a consulting organization dedicated to expanding understanding of the building envelope. He’s also the instructor of the upcoming “Commercial Roofing Boot Camp” — an advanced online design course that has

Investors Flock to Commercial Solar Projects

Good news for commercial solar projects: According to a new report by Mercatus, an enterprise-level investment analysis and decision-making platform serving as the core “operating system” for solar energy investors, investor interest in commercial solar projects has more than doubled in the last 12 months.  The Mercatus Year-End Solar Investment Analysis is based on data from over 1,400

Energy Efficiency Goes Commercial

Verizon recently awarded the city of Charlotte, North Carolina with a Powerful Answers Award to help develop the most environmentally sustainable urban core in the nation. Many cities across the country in the past five years have created initiatives and have pushed to make energy efficiency not only a priority but a reality. Charlotte is no stranger

Commercial Leaders Go Solar

Installation of solar systems in America and NC are growing.  The investment in NC has internal rates of return in the 10-15% range and allows business owners to reduce their tax and energy bills.  We field calls every day from business owners interested in solar as an investment. “For years, the promise of solar was always ‘just

The Smaller-Scale Commercial Solar Market

By transferring a portion of a commercial building’s electricity expenses to its property tax bill, Demeter Power is paving the way for an expansion of distributed solar generation in small- to medium-sized commercial buildings. Demeter Power, a provider of financing solutions for commercial distributed generation, has been awarded $500,000 through the Department of Energy’s SunShot initiative for

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