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Kansas utility targets solar customers for higher rate

Kansas utility targets solar customers for higher rate

As utilities around the U.S. have sought to increase fixed charges in response to growing numbers of customers generating their own power, a Kansas utility is taking a more targeted approach. In a case now pending before the Kansas Corporation Commission, customers of Topeka-based Westar Energy with their own solar, wind or other generation will pay

SolarCity sues Arizona utility over solar anti-competitive practices

The solar financier and installer chaired by Elon Musk, SolarCity, has filed a lawsuit in Arizona federal court claiming that the Arizona utility Salt River Project is using anti-competitive practices to maintain a monopoly around energy and solar power and unfairly block competition. Last week the board of directors of Salt River Project approved a new monthly

SRP solar tax

SRP votes to impose new fees on solar customers, SolarCity fights back

Salt River Project (SRP) has voted to impose charges on new solar customers, while at the same time giving their current customers a break from charges — at least for now. However, the move appears to bring the company one step closer to the threat of a lawsuit. SolarCity threatened to sue SRP for implementing

Desert Sunlight Solar Farm

California Opens the World’s Largest Solar Plant

California has been at the forefront of solar energy in the United States in the past few years, thanks to some pretty strong clean-energy policies that have encouraged many businesses and homeowners to install solar power systems in order to increase the amount of energy received from renewable sources. Now, with a new large scale


SolarFeeds Author Jordan Perch

Jordan Perch is a transport analyst and expert in consumer affairs for the automotive industry. He is an author on topics related to public transport, specifically the use of ride-sharing and car-sharing services, and their impact on mass transit. He is a regular contributor to SolarFeeds, the IHS GlobalSpec and's blog and a proud owner of a Tesla Model S.

san antonio solar

San Antonio takes different tack on solar energy

San Antonio is one of the leading cities for solar energy in the United States, with photovoltaic systems on nearly 2,500 roofs and a solar farm in the works that will power the equivalent of 70,000 homes. Leading the effort is Doyle Beneby, the CEO of the city-owned utility, CPS Energy, which not only instituted

distributed energy

How utilities think they will make their money in the future

Facing an evolving power industry and Americans’ changing relationship with the electric grid, utilities have been forced to alter traditional ways of thinking and are increasingly seeking growth in new areas. That’s one of the main takeaways from Utility Dive’s recent report, the State of the Electric Utility 2015. A survey of more than 400 industry

pathways to grid evolution

The Shift Toward a Decentralized, Distributed Electric Grid Is Already Underway

The electricity sector is headed for a dramatic transformation at the edge of the grid, where utility meets customer. Like the evolution of markets such as telecommunications and computing, the phases of change will be varied and complex. Successful companies — be they utilities or third-party service providers — will recognize and adapt to market-specific

electric retailers map

Will a Gulf in Energy Services Become the Next Digital Divide?

Concerns over the Digital Divide are widespread. As described by Internet World Stats: “The Digital Divide, or the digital split, is a social issue referring to the differing amount of information between those who have access to the Internet (especially broadband access) and those who do not have access.”[1] Similarly, significant attention has been paid to

stress on Hawaii's grid

Hawaii’s Solar Push Strains the Grid

Kauai’s utility takes a second stab at battery storage as solar heads toward 80 percent of peak power. The prospect of cheaper, petroleum-free power has lured the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) to quintuple utility-scale solar capacity over the past year, building two 12-megawatt photovoltaic arrays. These facilities are the biggest and a significant contributor to the

arizona solar

Arizona Utility SRP Proposes Rate Changes For Solar Lease Customers — Potentially Trapping Customers With Uneconomical Leases

The Arizona-based utility SRP recently proposed new rate changes/fees that will potentially see 12,000+ customers who use solar power systems stuck in leases that are no longer necessarily economical. While the addition of $50 in new monthly fees for new customers who use a solar leasecertainly isn’t something to cheer for, the real issue here is

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