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CPS Energy’s San Antonio Solar Program: How a Utility Wins By Going Solar

CPS Energy’s San Antonio Solar Program: How a Utility Wins By Going Solar

When San Antonio’s newest PV solar farm Alamo 3 opened a few weeks ago, it fired up with a unique history: Almost all of the system’s components — from the panels to the dual-axis trackers to the inverters — were manufactured in the central Texas city. It’s a direct result of local utility CPS Energy’s strategy to

What Is Holding Solar Back?

For years, solar energy has been widely viewed as a promise of clean, abundant energy that simply can’t be kept because of its inefficiency expense. But research into solar panels has advanced to where their cost can be subdued and their efficiency improved. Yet even if solar energy eventually becomes a major substitute for fossil

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America’s Solar Boom Keeps Going, with 30% Growth in 2014

Greentech and SEIA’s U.S. Solar Market Insight 2014 Year in Review had more expected good tidings, including for total U.S. installed solar capacity, which nows stands at 20 gigs and rising. Concentrated photovoltaic also got a moment in the sun, posting its largest ever year with 767 megawatts thanks to the completed projects like Ivanpah, Genesis Solar

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2014 Was the Biggest Year For Solar Power Ever

We’ve noted here before the many ways in which solar power is blowing up in the United States: Adding tons of jobs, driving progressive policies, and attracting millions of dollars in investment from major corporations. It’s not slowing down anytime soon: New data from market analysis firm GTM Research finds that 2014 was solar’s biggest year ever, with 30

The Solar Singularity Is Nigh

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future,” quipped Yogi Berra. I keep his wise admonition in mind as I make predictions about our energy future, but we have many reasons for optimism when it comes to the future growth of solar. Here’s the summary: solar is taking over. We can now see many

Solar closes in on cost of coal-fired power — Deutsche Bank

The cost of roof-top solar power is nearing that of coal-fired power, heralding growing competition with conventional energy utilities and commodities, according to Deutsche Bank analysts. Residential solar power is already cheaper than residential power prices in many markets worldwide, and closing in on much lower wholesale power prices, they said. The solar industry would

Why conservatives are backing solar

Why more conservatives are backing solar power

When it comes to renewable energy, Barry Goldwater Jr. is willing to admit that the Democrats did something the Republicans should have done a long time ago. Barry Goldwater Jr. speaks against a proposed tax to be levied against residential solar leasing companies, June 4, 2014, in Phoenix. “Conservative support for green energy has always been there, but the

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SunEdison CEO Talks Acquisitions, Storage and Emerging Markets

SunEdison has gone through many phases as a company. First, it was a pure-play solar developer that pioneered the power-purchase agreement. Then, it became vertically integrated after getting acquired by manufacturer MEMC. Now, with the development arm becoming the most important part of the company, SunEdison is expanding beyond PV and searching for other types

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Utilities, group square off on solar power

Power companies and a coalition of unlikely political allies are squaring off over a proposal that could lead to large-box stores selling solar-generated electricity without utilities getting a cut. The groups want to allow businesses to sell solar power directly to customers without going through a utility company. But even as they work toward the

Vivint Solar creates new “Vivint Solar Labs” technology team

Vivint Solar, a leading provider of residential solar systems in the United States announced today that its Solmetric team will be fully integrated into the Vivint Solar operating structure and be known as Vivint Solar Labs. The new research and development team will focus on proprietary photovoltaic installation instruments and software. Having reached the end of the

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Why First Solar, SunPower YieldCo Is Like Coke And Pepsi Coming Together

Long-time rivals SunPower Corporation and First Solar, Inc. surged after the two rivals announced that they had formed a YieldCo. Raymond James analyst Pavel Molchanov compared this YieldCo to Duke working with North Carolina or The Coca-Cola Co working with PepsiCo, Inc. “It’s very unusual to have collaboration of this kind between two of the world’s largest solar developers, which have historically

SunEdison sees $4trn value opportunity in solar, wind by 2020

US-based SunEdison, now the largest renewable energy company in the world, says it sees a $4 trillion value opportunity in the global wind and solar markets by 2020. At its presentation to analysts overnight, SunEdison produced a 95-page display making the case for wind and solar energy. The company argues that the combined capacity for

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Clean Energy is Just Smart Business for Leaders like Apple, Google

Apple and Google have changed our lives forever, both because of their technological innovations and sheer size as global corporations. Now, they’re aiming to reshape the energy landscape. This month, Apple announced plans to spend nearly $2 billion on European data centers set to run entirely on renewable energy, and invested $848 million to secure power from 130MW of

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New Hackaton Aims To Crowdsource Low Cost Solar

Limitless solar energy is practically right at our fingertips, and yet the US is still hovering right around the 1% mark when it comes to harvesting all those riches. The other 99% could come around sooner rather than later thanks to a new solar energy “hackathon” hosted by the A-lister crowdsourcing platform Topcoder, from the company Appirio. Along

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